I want to talk about love for oneself. Do not misunderstand me and take it that I mean being selfish. On the contrary, loving oneself will require you to be quite generous; generous in the mind and in the soul too. You are not the flesh nor are you your value in material wealth. You are what you present unto others as their souls, and only their souls, will know you.

Loving oneself will require you to understand who you are and embrace it. It is what you would see in yourself as your dream. Dedicate yourself to achieving your dreams by loving yourself. It takes you to love yourself that you would know how to love others. Of course we think of love in a romantic sense but really, love is an intricate understanding of, and embracing one true self that you would learn to respect other selves who love themselves; essentially loving them.

Only by loving oneself can we love our people too. We cannot all be equal but we can all be great.

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