… Morals and values within the community is not set for specific individuals nor is it set for the society at large. Morals and values are a reflection of our spirit and the life in which we want to achieve in unity.

When you think of morals and values, you think of the behaviors that different people exhibit but true morals are derived from the values which define us as a unit, the homeland of the blacks.

These values which we hold dear inspire our actions, our tendencies and our behaviors. We all know innately what is right wrong and what isn’t. From our truest selves, right or wrong is not defined by what people say but rather what you feel is. You might feel as though something is wrong when indeed the community thinks its right. Similarly, the opposite is true.

How are we to deal with such differences? The best things are those that have an equal and objective measure in right or wrong – The Balance.

Just as there is bad in everything, so is there good in everything. The only difference that separates good from bad is the degree, and the society collectively agrees on what constitutes good/bad based on the opinion of the majority.

We are bound to the society by exercising habits that would be considered y majority of the community members as being right. Any habits that are considered not to be right might lead to the expulsion of the black man from that society or the recognition of that individual as an ‘outcast,’ ‘an outsider,’ ‘a foreigner.’

As black men and women of Afrika, our forefathers had a common purpose; each of our cultures has been evolving for the better good of the community as they identified as one. The set of morals and values that they set enabled the continued existence of subsequent generations. It is what has enabled us to be here today, living the life we live today.

The youth beware. Worry not of the earthly things that you forget to live upon our common purpose. The set of morals and values set by our forefathers should be the basis of how we choose to live our lives; our cultural values.

Older generations beware. Let not pride and ego impede you from guiding the lesser generation into achieving greatness. Encourage innovation and creativity in the lines of the set morals and values. This is the true spirit of development that will hail our own communities to be great.

Let us embrace who we are, truly, gain independence of the mind, improve upon and create better versions of our own. Acceptance of the basics inspires individuality in many. Let us think of morals and cultural values in our forefather’s eyes for only then can we begin the process of purpose.

Extracted from ZingiraMaisha Chronicles

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