Diane von Furstenberg, said the little black dress is the true friend. She travels with you. Is patient and constant. You go to her when you don’t know where else to go and she is ALWAYS reliable and timeless.

The little black dress is a staple that every woman needs in their wardrobe, it is simple, elegant and sexy all at the same time and doesn’t require much effort to pull it off.

It can be worn with a pair of heels, flats (if you are like me and don’t know how to walk in heels) or even sneakers. Whatever you are comfortable with.

For me styling a LBD is very simple, the accessories need to be very simple and minimal, to not take attention away from the dress, the makeup needs to be simple as well, nothing too dramatic. One staple that I would recommend that goes exceptionally well with the dress is red lipstick. I don’t think there is enough that has been said about red lipstick, it makes you feel confident and sexy and beautiful and all the other adjectives I forgot to add. It elevates your little black dress and makes it even better.

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